Enrichment - Rock and Water Program

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What does Rock and Water aim to do?

The Rock and Water program aims to awaken an individual's awareness of their own strength and opportunities and the ability to play, work and live together with other people in their current environment and in a rapidly changing and multicultural society.

We are aiming to deliver a minimum of 15 lessons linked together by the central themes of Rock and Water:  
• learning to stand strong,
• finding peace and strength in yourself and
• learning to be respectful to others in play and in work, as well as using Rock and Water as a framework for communication.

Rock and Water emphasises the enormous importance of:
• play,
• sport and
• physical exercise.

Therefore the program is strongly physical in nature and supported by brief discussion sessions which offer space for self-reflection and for short assignments.


What does Rock and Water teach?

➮ Practical anti-bullying strategies
➮ Self confidence, self awareness and self control
➮ Communication skills and interpretation of body language cues
➮ Alternatives to aggressive verbal and physical responses
➮ Thinking and being in control through grounding, centering and mental focus
➮ Boundary awareness
➮ Mindfulness strategies

Students will …
➮ Learn how to cope with conflict, aggression, bullying
➮ Develop social skills and resilience
➮ Recognise and develop their personal qualities
➮ Gain control over their body, emotions and thoughts
➮ Reflect on self, thoughts, behaviours, actions
➮ Develop understanding of, and relationships with, other students

General Principles

Being centred and grounded increases the likelihood of young people making positive choices regarding their behaviour.
• When I lose my centre, I have lost my balance.
• When I lose my balance, I lose self-control.
• When I lose self-control, I risk losing everything.


To find out more about the Rock and Water program and possible course dates, please click here for the Rock and Water Program NSW, TAS, ACT website.